19 August 2012
Jim Willie CB,  “the Golden Jackass”

* Presidential Perception
* Treasury Secretary Viewpoint
* Interaction with College Friends
* World Trade Center Bank Heist

Special Report #1


Over the course of the previous 100 months during the pathogenesis of the national tragedy, described widely as a financial crisis, many impressions and perceptions have been gathered. My firm belief is that current events are more like a systemic failure and demise of the nation. The ethical breakdown is the confirmation, blessed by the blood of endless war. The national finances read worse than any corporate bankruptcy chapter. My manner is to share only a little personal accounts in the reports, to keep it objective and analytic. Allow me to share my experiences and viewpoints on a range of topics, with friends and family. Many conversations have included great strain, resulting in conflict, not always smoothed over. The same surely was true in Nazi Germany. The current national condition in the United States is a redux but applied to modern times to a center stage forming a financial war front.



The bankers have placed their bet and rarely lose. My view is indifference, since almost nothing will change in any new Administration. The bankers will remain in control until the end, and will preside over ruin. Under no circumstances will the bankers and security agency partners permit a fresh populist leader to enter the White House with a mission to clean the bank sector of its criminal element. The cleanup process will be done by external forces, resulting in a systemic failure for the nation. The new sheriff in town is from the East and has a team in place with the Intl Court of the Hague and Interpol. The Eastern Coalition is a powerful group with motives and projects well underway to execute the cleansing process. It has already begun, but not 5% of the nation is aware. No new US President can stop what follows from the impressive attack on LIBOR forces waged against the London castles.

The US Presidential election process is a combination of Tiffany diamond purchase and Third World thug pressures, with a Madison Avenue touch. The Team Romney so far has gathered $500 to $600 million in Wall Street campaign donations, led by Goldman Sachs as donor. The Team Obama has been left at the door, the bell not answered, elegant gilded cup in hand. The incumbent leader has barely managed to gather much more than $100 million from the Wall Street bankers, who have turned their back on him. Their perceptions are not important, but their influence with money surely is.

The banker campaign funding ratio is favoring Romney by a 5:1 to 6:1 ratio, which speaks loudly that the Boyz will work to make sure Romney wins. They have many devious and highly illegal methods, seen in Ohio and Florida in recent elections. Exit polls hint of the vote corruption managed by the federal agencies in charge. Keep in mind the US security agencies control the national press networks. Expect Romney to appoint a Treasury Secretary friendly to Wall Street, this time likely without direct Goldman Sachs ties. The new finance don will have some strong but less obvious loyalty to the top Wall Street firms. A smart friend expects the person to come straight out of JPMorgan offices in a defiant maneuver. My view is the person will have wide Wall Street experience and connections, a father figure to guide the nation through troubled waters.

In May 2008 the US press networks changed their tune from coverage of the controversial minister Reverend Wright in Chicago, to the concept of presidential timber in young charismatic Obama making a tour across Europe to meet the various leaders. At that point, when the switch flipped in the national news networks, the Jackass contacted a couple black friends and told them to prepare for the first black president. They were incredulous, but after hearing the media argument, they were open to the possibility. The young Senator, without a single piece of legislation bearing his name, was launched into the White House with few Americans knowing who he was. Great debate centers on his identity even today. Almost everything about his background remains under seal for some odd reason. Suspicion is warranted. Then again, the medical records for Clinton and BushJr were also unavailable, a violation of US law. The Syndicate cares little of law. Word is rather firm that both presidents had past and active cocaine abuse problems, with attendant health problems. My belief is Obama has similar problems in his young years in New York City. Some dead people cannot attest to his background, their lives cut short.

Keep in mind also that US Homeland Security is in charge of the vote count in the 2012 election, which has been farmed out to a foreign consulting firm to ensure the right outcome. Furthermore, it is illegal under US statutes to challenge the vote count. The United States of America might have once been a beacon of freedom, but no longer. In the nation, the bankers rule. Decisions are not left to the fickle whims of the public. The bankers own many Congressional committee leaders, who work out of the Wall Street pocket. The control was seen in vivid terms when Wall Street wrote the Financial Regulatory Bill, with some minor concessions. The deference was seen in vivid terms when JPMorgan CEO Dimon appeared this summer before the Congress. The finance committe members kissed his ring, genuflected effusively, and tossed him easy lobs for questions. They fell short of kissing his gluteus maximus. Only two Senators asked difficult questions, neither receiving Wall Street (graft) money.

Competent pollsters note that the USEconomy plagued by stubborn recession and broad insolvency will hurt the incumbent Obama greatly, but perceivable only in the last days. The best pollsters measure a 3% to 5% drop as the typical cost in support for the president between the last polls and the final pulled levers on election day. So a close race going into the first week of November would spell probable doom for Obama and throw cold water on his hopes of a second term. It is not clear the nation wants another four years of empty hope and absent change. Critics filling my ear tell of Michele Obama having spent almost three times as much as any previous First Lady. The nation can do without her royal entourrage. The deficit be damned!



A story as preface. A global consulting source with connections to broad trade linked to numerous European centers told me a story this spring. If one wonders why a vibrant attractive woman in her young 40's would hang out and frolic sexually with Aristotle Onassis, there might be a reasonable answer. The source claims that the assassination attempt in Dallas rendered JFKennedy in a vegetative condition. He was permitted to live out his days on a Greek island owned by Aristotle Onassis. He had all the security staff required. They chose not to pull his plug. Speech or mental process on his part was not perceived or possible. In return, young lovely Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy became a playmate for Aristotle as part of the contract. Recall that Jackie had many European family ties. Reportedly, Kennedy passed away after about 13 years, a withered man hardly recognizable. Given the man's contacts, his track record, and steady reliability of the source, the story should not be dismissed. The marriage contract was public information, calling for a few conjugal visits per month. Something was very suspicious about the entire affair. It raised many eyebrows, including my own. Jackie should have had a great many social options in her middle years, but she seemed bound. The Jackass gives it some credence.

After years of reading, thinking, and considering the evidence at a local and macro level, the Jackass has concluded that both LBJohnson and Nixon were part of the Kennedy assassination and murder. Outside of the USFed, they were the two politicians with the most to gain. Johnson attended a secret meeting in the desert, well documented, where plans were laid. Kennedy was not happy with LBJ and might have dropped him as VP for a second term potentially. It is my opinion that Johnson and Nixon were solicited for support by the Syndicate, which wanted to interrupt the Kennedy Admin agenda to limit the CIA and the US Federal Reserve. Johnson chose to retire early, handing over the baton to eager Nixon. The Vietnam War raged, but after the Cambodian Triangle for narcotics was captured, the US security agency was content to end the war with a significant prize as booty. An asterisk, more bombs were dropped in Laos and Cambodia than in North Vietnam. The narcotics angle explains why. Fast forward 20 years, and the next prize won was the narcotics prize in Eastern Europe, as in Bosnia, formerly of the Yugoslavian nation. Fast forward to 2003, and the grand prize was Afghanistan, the home to 80% of global herion production. The USArmy no longer hides its protective role over the vast poppy fields, the photographs littering the internet.

The Jackass has not paid much attention to political parties for several years, since they confuse the important events and alliances. LBJ was one of the most corrupt presidents of the 20th Century for his past activity in several arenas, the least being in communications licenses. He and Nixon started the modern political alliance that bonded with the bankers. LBJ lusted to become president, but the Vietnam War sickened him and brought him down. The mass demonstrations inside the United States served as the last manifested anger by the population. The Occupy Wall Street movement does not have even 5% of the anger. The Jackass marched on a college campus on May 1970. No president decades ago could cut the cord to the profitable military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about. Nixon wanted to be president, and used the war's end to solidify his position and win office. Recall who broke the Bretton Woods Gold Accord: Richard Milhous Nixon. He did so at the order and behest of the bankers, who wanted wide berth to steal and counterfeit off a printed USDollar.

Since the Clinton Admin, the Jackass no longer has paid much attention to the political parties. Clinton was no more a traditional Democrat than BushJr was a traditional Republican, the big clue that escapes most American observers. They were both narco party presidents, bound by an obscene $1 trillion in annual agency profits. Its profit is estimated by experts at between $800 billion and $1.2 trillion. One friend of a Hat Trick Letter source informed me (we met in Toronto) of seeing a warehouse of pallets stacked chest high of heroin and cocaine packets, managed by USMilitary and the USGovt security agencies, staffed by men in uniform with no markings, deliveries made after 10pm on a nightly basis. The two political parties bicker and fight over taxes versus entitlements, corporate promotions or popular programs, ad infinitum, as nauseum, eliciting big yawns. But the Democrats and Republicans both bow to the bankers and the war machine. Presidents BushJr and Obama both dutifully assigned a Goldman Sachs guy to head USDept Treasury. So will Romney if he wins, since the Wall Street bankers have donated between four and six times as much money to Romney as Obama. The interesting part might be how Romney justifies the decision. My guess is the GSax connection will be less visible, probably a Wall Street veteran with broad connections, more so to JPMorgan.

One of the strangest sequence of events was BushJr and his Treasury Secy Paul O'Neill from Alcoa. That motive took time to unwind. A search for legitimacy at the finance ministry, so it seemed until later. When O'Neill backed out, calling the budget process show business in disgust, the Jackass watched closely. The John Snow decision was perplexing, coming from CSX Railways with no financial experience. His Senate approval seemed trivial. When the Dubai World controversy sprung up, it all made sense. It is my firm opinion that Snow was brought to the USDept Treasury in order to make firm the distribution routes for the narco delivery system from war regions through intermediary locations, tying the funds in important handoffs to Wall Street banks. Snow was a total doofus with the finance world. His public comments were laughable even to those untrained in finance. Recall the Snow claim that the USDollar is strong since it is so difficult to counterfeit. Yet the CIA reportedly stole US$100 plates from the USDept Treasury under Snow's watch. When he was relieved by the superstar Paulson of GSax, the clue was clear that they were planning for the certain financial breakdown. They wanted a smooth superstar professional in the office, not a railroad switch operator or roundabout conductor.



When Obama won his election in 2008, the Jackass consulted with a main smart college roommate, who has been over the years a real source of insight with the Presidential Cabinet makeup and the Supreme Court crucial cases. We had the closest ties in a small defiant crew, having shared a dormitory room as a group of four, and an apartment for two years. He has a political science degree with Phi Beta Kappa honors, who has followed the fascist patterns of the High Court. He was a real student of search & seizure laws, admissible evidence changes, and trends. He completed Law School, and made law review as a scholar in the anti-trust field. HeHeSince 911 occurred, he lost interest and became more occupied with his work. He detects the fascist thread that went from the Supreme Court to the NeoCons led by George W Bush. But he does not contemplate ever the Fascist Business Model and the banker connections. He is a new liberal, loves Obama, has been mesmerized by his charisma. He realizes Obama is under the control of bigger forces, but cannot identify the forces.

The Jackass was not any fan of Obama, but was entertained by the idea of Change to Believe even if only a motto to deceive the public. The Jackass expected very little change, and laughed openly at the improbable prospect. My forecast stated to my roommate buddy was that Obama was make two signficant decisions that would surprise and disappoint. My call was that he would follow orders and nominate another Goldman Sachs henchman for Treasury. He would also do something not done in 40 years, keep the same man at Defense. Both calls came true, as expected. My comment was that the bank fraud and narcotics business were too important, and furthermore, too intertwined. My buddy disagreed on both appointment decisions vigorously. In February 2009, we had the 'I TOLD YOU SO' conversation. He was shocked, expressing the deception, but mininized the importance.

As footnote, my close college buddy does not believe the Warren Commision report on the Kennedy assassination. He has followed the story of almost every single witness on the Dallas Grassy Knoll on November 22, 1963 meeting an early untimely death, often in violent manner. He was alarmed to learn from my accounted sources that one by one, many witnesses at the World Trade Center site on 911 are dying in similar ways to the Grassy Knoll witnesses, often violently. His curiosity about the World Trade Center attack is limited. He speaks of a powerful Syndicate taking control of the USGovt and the WTC attack appearing to be an inside job, without detail or specificity. His curiosity about the Kennedy murder motives end abruptly. He has not bothered to investigate about the Kennedy role in returning the Silver Certificate and dismantling the US Federal Reserve. He stopped at the CIA resentment over the botched Bay of Pigs event in Cuba, accepting it as likely motive. He has little interest in financial intrigue, like most Americans, even smart people. That is where we differ. My interest in in Economics and Finance, followed by Banking and Currency. He turned more to family, which the Jackass did not have.

A year later, we had another similar conversation when my college buddy approved of the Kagan appointment to the Supreme Court. My question to him was why Kagan, without much bench experience, would be elevated to the High Court. He cited liberal views for certain decisions, bringing the Court into balance. The Jackass called that a distraction of credible type, pointing out how Kagan helped Obama hide legally his sealed records. Also, and more importantly, Kagan was critical to Goldman Sachs in avoiding a significant release of records and data in a mortgage bond fraud case. My buddy did not know anything about the cases, again not following the financial angles at all. He learned nothing from Watergate, but the Jackass remembered it well. My buddy is missing a grand theme of profound importance, the rise of Goldman Sachs in government ministries, and the ascendancy of the Syndicate in full control of the USGovt. He has been suspicious of the 911 events, realizes the official story is nonsense, but has little curiosity to investigate.

The point of a financial Syndicate in control has been the crux of several debates over the years, along with my college roommate's blind spot about the Clinton-Rubin snatch & grab of the entire Fort Knox gold hoard. The key theme mentioned by me has been the Syndicate versus the People, as the banks, military, and news networks call on redcoats and bluecoats at their convenience. The red states versus the blue states has supplanted the class war on CNN. Political party matters not at all when it is time to call on the next dutiful president in a long line of narco barons starting with Papa Bush, moving through Clinton, then BushJr, finally Obama. The process of control began when Reagan was shot in October of his first year in office. Recall he spoke openly about NOT wanting Papa Bush as his Vice President after winning the ticket at the convention. A different rarely used source from Costa Rica (with USMilitary and Secret Service connections) informs that Obama was granted a $1 billion investment account from narco funds in his first month of office. The man is an intimidating figure, but a gentle giant with numerous stories, many frightening.

The Jackass pointed out the extreme controls GSax has over most Congressional finance committees with campaign contributions, with TARP controls, the more recent player being Neil Kashkari, whom the Jackass prefers to call Kash & Karry. My good college buddy thought too much was made of the Wall Street role, calling my interest an obsession. Most conversations are ended quickly nowadays, since no further interest in his opinion on anything political in nature. His senses are dulled, as his insights are few. He lives inside the dome. He now likes Obama, wants his re-election, believes my concern of executive orders on killing citizens, jailing them without due process, seizing their assets, and ordering them into slave labor are all exaggerated. He likes Obama, dismisses all the identification and birth concerns, many of which surely raise red flags, calling them mostly racist attacks (buddy is caucasian). The Columbia University student ID card with the other name of BarryS is very indicative. He dislikes Romney as a private equity pirate who raids pension funds and cuts too many jobs. He has not followed much on financial markets, and could not name a single private equity firm. My good buddy has moved from centrist to socialist without recognition the shift. He hates Republicans because they start wars. When he hears in rebuttal that Obama did not make good on his promise to end any war, he cites the power of the military industrial complex.

My counter-point has been that Obama was starting a war from within the nation, slowly eradicating the Bill of Rights, one by one, while he accelerated the economic deterioration. The most notable emphasis of Obama is not building business and creating jobs, but rather a more socialist distribution of income while installing the Insurance TARP known as Health Care and chattering about gay marriage. My buddy calls the removal of rights exaggerations, even though done systematically in the wake of the Patriot Law Bill. My joke is that Constitutional Law should no longer be taught in Law School. He loved ConLaw in law school, the holy grail. He claims that it does not matter who is president, since the various agencies and banking entities will do as they wish. He recognizes the vast crime syndicate that has wrested power from the USGovt, but does not study its parts or inner workings. A reaction might come when my buddy is ordered by ObamaCare to have a RDIF chip implanted in his arm, and to pay the extra costs. It is utterly amazing how Phi Beta Kappa college graduates can be so uninterested in the extreme events in US national politics, or blind to the prominent banker element, deluded by false ideals used as propaganda.

But he is my college buddy, the guy who shared hundreds of meals with me, competed with me in university courses, played pitch & catch with me, tossed frisbees for hours, attended a Rose Bowl with me, taught me a thing or two about chasing girls, and shared the pressures of barely missing out on going to Vietnam. We offered shoulders to each other over our own divorces. He is utterly amazed at the success of the Hat Trick Letter. He cannot fathom how the Jackass follows such complex markets and their intricate interwoven nature. My reply is that it evolved, but benefited from great past job experience and a strong doctoral degree in Statistics. In my opinion, the legal profession has become the grandest pack of cowards and harlots in the nation, speaking barely a peep in opposition to the systematic stripping of the Republic of its legal foundations in freedom. The legal profession never criticizes the Patriot Act, the single spear through the heart of the Constitution, long regarded as the most significant document written since the Magna Carta. The ACLU should be more vocal, but my firm belief is that they have been threatened. My conclusion has been when it comes to financial matters of a philosophical nature, intelligence is somewhat uncorrelated to the capability of criminal pattern recognition on the macro level, the national level. Critical to that recognition is the willingness to shed the personal security blanket responsible for much derived happiness and to put aside preconceived notions of the system protecting the people. With the Syndicate in place, the system protects the power center and the rich flow of funds from bonds in the financial markets and from war on the many fronts.

My firm belief is that mathematicians and engineers have an advantage in this respect, objective thinkers, since we start with a clean sheet and build upon it with evidence and arguments. Apply the scientific method to the official 911 story and it is rejected quickly. My father is not a trained scientist, but rather a retired literature professor, and a USArmy veteran. He accepts the official story and realizes some flaws within. He has zero concept of anything economic or financial, but can really put pen to paper with excellent critical thought and fine imagery. He believes his Jackass son has gone too far in the direction of a mission. My mother gave me the name of Jackass when a boy, for my insolence and charm. Later she called me 'My Charming Rogue' which stuck. She has departed this troubled world. Her often stated playful dream was to return as a bird in order to drop fecal matter on us all. Dad is a gem and Mom was a treasure.

For contrast, the Jackass has two other important college buddies. One was fully duped by the official 911 story, bought it hookline & sinker. We have had numerous heated discussions that sadly resulted in my lost respect for him. He used his charisma to advance in the insurance industry. He might have made a good Nazi Youth Group leader instead of a Little League Baseball coach. We have mostly parted ways, but not totally, as our college sport teams remain the connection. Another college buddy never matured to walk away from the college drug scene. He merely switched over the the legal alcohol and became an overweight drunk who alienated his entire family. His opinion on the 911 story has not been requested or heard. We parted ways in the late 1980 decade, as the Jackass left soft drug abuse behind (much marijuana, very rarely alcohol, never narcotics). Another college buddy has struggled mightily with a small business, but has not been deceived by any major events. He is a bright fellow with limited ability to thrive in his craft. He is an absolutely delightful personality, of Arab descent and a high school football standout. He helped the Jackass to transport my library. We remain in steady contact. He followed LeBron James in his high school stardom.

Yet another college buddy is a fine bright guy who has devoted his life to small business through a consulting office. His impact has been vast on an enormous client base. Although from the New York City metropolitan area, and having worked on Wall Street for two years in an energy firm, he never figured out the Clinton-Rubin thefts of the national gold from Fort Knox through the gold carry trade and 0% lease. He admired Rubin until more was shared by the Jackass about the gold chapter to recent US history, and until the broad Wall Street malfeasance was revealed to him. He listened attentively and asked numerous questions to comprehend the 1990 Rubin role at the USDept Treasury and Citigroup. He sees the light of corruption laced through the system, from its Wall Street nucleus. He frequently has called for heavy criminal prosecution on mortgage contract fraud, not fully appreciating the deeper mortgage bond fraud with MERS title database abuse and counterfeit. He is a son of David, but dismisses the official 911 story as rubbish from end to end. He knows something is very wrong and fishy about all manner of preliminary and associated 911 events, even noting the peculiarity of Dancing Israelis that day. He knows a fellow in the New York Police Dept, who shared alarming personal accounts from the ill-fated day that dispute the propaganda. His main themes shared with me in the last decade have been the blockheaded economic policies, the ruinous federal debt, and the disastrous outsourcing of jobs to Asia. Although very bright with business, and a good head for Economics, he cannot comprehend the effect on capital destruction from the official 0% interest rate maintained by the USFed. He believes still that it stimulates the USEconomy. When we discuss the absent positive effect, he has begun to listen to the capital retirement effect with new awareness since rising costs are obvious. He did not spend time on Saturday nights in worship. We used to chase girls on the way to temple, offering them an alternative, in avid pursuit.



This story will not be commented upon in much depth, since too controversial. The life of the Jackass has been threatened on two past occasions for revealing certain sides of this story. An enlightened person would call that confirmation of its veracity. A nitwit sheeple unit would claim its irrelevance. Instead, permit a USMarine Corps veteran to lay out the many details from the referred Info Clearing House article (CLICK HERE). However, a personal story will be shared. The Jackass has two acquaintances (met both personally) who have contacted me, one in 2008 and another in 2009. Each person offered the story without my solicitation about the 911 day of infamy, which changed the course of US life and history. The Jackass has avoided this theme with a certain ethnic lacing for years, like a third rail. No more, at least in limited edition! The two men independently told the same story, involving their close friends. Persons A and B received anonymous phone calls on September 10th of 2001 with a stern warning not to show up for work at their World Trade Tower office on the next day. They were told that by noon of the following day, they would understand why. When asked of the identity of the anonymous caller, the callers said the same thing, that they simply were friends. Both men A and B honored the urgent call, and survived. The collection of four men had only one thing in common, including my two acquaintances. It was their faith and ethic background, symbolized by the Star of David. The Jackass has several such friends of that faith and descendence, and a few friendships strained by the events involved. To be sure, several friends of the background are open, honest, and recognize the extreme allegations. It is a difficult topic to discuss freely, but with a few friends, we manage well since they respect me and my open minded fair ways.

Some roots. The Jackass grew up in a neighborhood of one-third Catholic, one-third Protestant, and one-third Jewish, with respect shown for all three groups in an unusual mix and setting that has to this day provided very fond memories. We played sports together. We ate dinner together. We discussed things with parents together. We oogled at girls together. We repaired bicycles together. We fired snowballs at buses together. We attended Pittsburgh Pirate games together at the old Forbes Field, where we all admired Roberto Clemente (The Great One). We dealt with acne together. We discussed school work together. We evaluated colleges together. We pulled neighborhood pranks together. We got in trouble with oddball neighbors together. We shoveled snow together, and built snow forts. It was a great neighborhood, with the parents of most kids proving to be a lot of fun. Some had more patience with the Jackass than others, especially like with broken windows and snapped side view mirrors for cars. But we had fun. The Jackass had his share of laux & cream cheese, even gefilte fish. We kept some relationships going for over 30 years.

Nobody ever accused me, as in never, repeat never, of being biased or prejudiced, in the formative years, or following in college, in graduate school, not even in professional life. Many friends and colleagues have been Indian, Jewish, Asian, Arab, Atheist, a few Black, and even a couple Gay. The only serious Jackass attacks against descendents of David came following abusive or incompetent authority figures in the career as a statistical analyst, a consistent theme with a few jobs. The Jackass spared no manager, director, or vice president. The most vitriolic attack came of a woman VP of Albanian descent, who was abusive and grossly incompetent. She got in my way. School rivalries and industry conflicts came across the spectrum, perhaps more than most people, due to an inherent combative style that shows no favor and shows no timidity to any group. The Jackass did not suffer fools well, still does not. For every antagonist, the Jackass had 30 cohorts, partners, and allies at school or in the workplace, promoting a point of view, supporting a project, or confronting a person in authority. The opposing sides to mine came from all kinds.

The World Trade Center attack served effectively as a grand distraction for perhaps the largest grandest and best concealed bank heist in United States history. The grand theft involved gold bars (underground routes for trucks), bearer bonds (helpful collusion with the Cantor Fitzgerald firm), and diamonds (explains the water bottle ban on airlines). The event shaped the conditions in the political arena for abrogation of the US Constitution, imposition of a quasi-martial law, and opened the door to endless war in a manner keeping with the 1984 novel, complete with ample progaganda. They can attempt to redefine patriotism, but to the Jackass it remains about preserving liberties, promoting capital formation, enabling honest investment, removing the sacrifice of personal liberties for national security, and protecting the innocent. In the ugliest of terms, the NeoCons were Nazis and the current wolfpack are Marxists.

The pendulum swings less from left extreme to right extreme, with the metronome ticking off a sequence of events dominated by global narcotics domination. The political parties are effectively used as distraction. Since 1981, the narco barons have controlled the US White House of power. The fourth branch of government has nothing to do with executive, legislative, or judicial concern. It is rather security woven with thick lines of narcotics, better described as Gestapo. The unelected agencies that form the core of the Syndicate control the USGovt and bribe the elected layers. This is the American Political Tragedy that forms the practical embedded manifestation of the Fascist Business Model. There is no turning back, as the only path ahead is toward systemic failure as the nation's wealth is gutted. Theft and genocide are their primary calling cards.

          World Trade Center with Demolition Shape Charge Cuts

In short, the World Trade Center attack and other 911 events were the sentinel signal for the Nazi Coup d'Etat of the United States of America. The Jackass prefers to call it the Rise of the Fourth Reich, the ascendence of the Nazis in America. Even the 'CBS 60 Minutes' show has covered their rise in the US life. Those citizens who label critics as Conspiracy Theorists are sheep and dupes living in a dome filled with propaganda and fantasy, badly clouded in perceptions. The two camps are roughly of equal size, the aware and unaware. The truth camp does not have knowledge of many details though, but suspect a grand project to control the nation with sinister motive. The truth camp will grow in size in magnficent manner in the coming 12 to 18 months. Expect grand revelations, perhaps from the tracks of stolen bank assets, to emerge. The LIBOR investigations give wide berth to the document discovery process. The groups are losing their unity and loosening their grip as the sovereign bond markets and the economies falter into a ruinous place. The banking systems has long been broken in insolvency, while the bankers are calling for a new more dangerous war in order to keep their power. A resistance from inside the power structures has begun to show itself in clear terms. As the forces retreat by those in power, many crucial facts will come to see the light of day, always a dangerous prospect for evil forces.